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Happy to show my paintingĀ BENNINGS-THING BURNS. This painting is featured in Printed In Blood’s THE THING: ARTBOOK. The book features art based on John Carepnter’s THE THING and includes artists such as Bill Sienkiewicz, Dan Brereton, Tony Harris, Mike Ploog, Paul Pope, Tim Bradstreet and many more! Also included in the book is an introduction by Eli Roth and an afterword by the John Carpenter. You can purchase the book here!

The Thing: Artbook Pre-Order

Tonight you’ll be able to pre-order THE THING: ARTBOOK by Printed In Blood. This book features art based onĀ  the John Carpenter film. I’m so honored to be included in this book, along with Artists who I really admire like Bill Sienkiewicz, Dan Brereton, Paul Pope, Tim Bradstreet, and more. Here’s a peek at my painting along with some info on ordering!