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Florida SuperCon Skecth Cards!

Working on some sketch cards for The Florida SuperCon later this month. Included are The Shadow, Batman and Robin, Mars Attacks Alien, and The Tick.

I’ve got some of my remaining sketches and cards as well as prints listed over on Ebay. Click HERE to check em out!


Steampunk Orangutan

Here’s a new piece I’m working on for an all Simian show I’m curating for Harold Golen Gallery in Miami. More info on that show soon!

The Thrilling Adventure Hour – Sparks Nevada

I recently discovered The Thrilling Adventure Hour’s podcast and have been enjoying it immensely, especially the Sparks Nevada Marshall on Mars episodes. Although all are great. Couldn’t resist starting a painting of Sparks and Croach.

Check out the show here! And come back often for updates on the painting. You can also follow along on my Zerostreet Facebook page by following this link and clicking LIKE!

I have also completed a Captain Laserbeam illustration and have skecthed Frank and Sadie Doyle (Beyond Belief) for a possible painting down the line! You can check those out on my facebook page as well!

I was very pleased that the folks over at The Thrilling Adventure Hour loved the painting. They will be selling posters of it at their live events and I will be selling a fine art print of it at my Zerostreet Store. Printed with archival Epson inks on acid free, 100% cotton paper, each print comes signed and with a Certificate of Authenticity. Aside from the live shows this is the only place you can purchase these prints. The original Sparks Nevada painting is also available. Please email me for pricing.








Tikilandia Book

I have just gone over a proof I received of my book LAST CALL AT TIKILANDIA: THE ART OF ROBERT JIMÉNEZ. I’m very happy with it and after a few revisions it will be available for purchase. It’s basically a book version of my iPhone/iPod app TIKILANDIA. Here are some pics!

Purchase the book HERE!

The Tiki God Is Most Amused!

Thought I’d share some of the the Tiki illustrations I’ve been working on lately. I sketched out some idea I had for a Tiki t-shirt at lunch a few weeks ago and that has lead to a number of sketches and finished illustrations. Some of these are available as 5×7 inch canvas prints now and as t-shirts soon. Also soon look for 8×10 matted prints.


The items you see below will soon be added to our store. They are 5.5″ X 7.5″ canvas prints of my tiki illustrations mounted on stained pine with a hook for hanging. I am making them by hand myself and have yet to determine prices of quanities.  Look for them soon!

Here’s my latest:

Working in this one now (click to view larger):

The original idea and sketch for The Tiki God Is Most Amused:

tiki god sketch

and the final art:

tiki god


Here are some sketches/drawings of others I am working on:

Thanks for looking!

Theodore Roosevelt Bully! Illustration

I’m glad to see many people enjoy and buy Bully! products featuring my illustration of President Theodore Roosevelt. As a child, I was always interested in the image of Roosevelt; the large teeth, the mustache, the bulging neck. And of course the battles he fought during the Spanish American War were pretty exciting to read and hear about in school. As an adult I began to sketch him on occasion and was happy with a particular illustration that I think feels somewhat iconic. I titled it Bully! a word that is associated with President Roosevelt and is part of the vernacular of that time. Bully of course meaning excellent or splendid and “Bully for you!” meaning “good for you”.

After people began to buy Bully!, not just on shirts but mugs, magnets etc. I wanted to know a bit more about President Roosevelt and picked up the excellent biography THE RISE OF THEODORE ROOSEVELT by Edmund Morris. The book, the first of a trilogy, chronicles Roosevelt’s life from birth to the assassination of President William McKinley. At times the book reads much like an adventure, as Morris recounts in page turning detail Roosevelt’s time in the Badlands, his many hunting excursions, his pursuit of outlaws and his courage in Cuba during the Spanish-American War. I learned much about Roosevelt’s days at Harvard. The sudden and tragic losses of his father then later his first wife and mother. The thing that left quite a lasting impression to me about Roosevelt, though, was his fearlessness, whether facing down a bear or a fellow Republican.

The second book, THEODORE REX is out although I have yet to read that and Morris is currently working on the final book.

I hope to add more illustrations of Roosevelt to my store soon. Right now you can buy Bully! as well as a pencil sketch as seen below by following the link below.

Zerostreet’s Zazzle Store

Theodore Roosevelt