Fez’d Groucho

Just finished preparing this print for pickup and thought I’d show it here. It’s HUGE! I’ll be doing just a small run of these.

Need a break from “Professor’s Got A Crush” So I’ve started this Groucho painting. It’s from a production shot of the Marx Brother’s A NIGHT IN CASABLANCA. Acrylic on 8×12 canvas paper. BUY THE ORIGINAL HERE!

Professor’s Got A Crush

Professor’s Got A Crush is the title of this, my next painting. I hope to achieve a pulp sci-fi magazine feel on this this one. Stay Tuned!

CLICK HERE to purchase the original!


Started this up tonight…based on an old sketch of mine. Acrylic on canvas 6×6 inches.

Mr. Brown

Got hit with the idea to paint Charlie Brown as an adult….

The original painting has sold.

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