Mars Attacks Sketch Covers

I contributed 3 Mars Attacks sketch covers as giveaways during the New York Comic-Con. I had a lot of fun on this series and I urge everyone to check out the amazing art of the base set of Mars Attacks: Invasion due out late October.

Here are my 3 covers.

STAR WARS Illustrated

I’m about to wrap up my sketch card and sketchagraph card work for the upcoming Star Wars Illustrated trading card set by Topps. Below are a few of my cards.

Lost Sunset

I recently completed the cover art to Gold Dust Lounge’s LOST SUNSET. Some of you may have heard of them, they played Hukilau this past June. They’re a great South Florida band mixing surf, exotica, spy…Russell Mofsky, the band leader and guitarist, is running a Kickstarter campaign for their new album. Click the link below to hear some of the amazing tracks (Hidden Lake is my favrite) from the record and maybe pre order the album! There’s also a of of kind pledge opportunity to purchase a 1/1 print plus a pencil study of the cover.


Lost Sunset step 11

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