Howard The Duck

Here’s a sketch of Howard The Duck. I’m about to start a small acrylic painting of Howard as a gift for our daughters Doctor.

Crowded House Pics

Here are some pics I took from Crowded House’s performace at the Fillmore Theatre of South Beach. Click each pic to view larger!

Illustration Friday

This page contains illustrations I’ve submitted for Illustration Friday. Please feel free to post comments!

To find out more about IF or to see other illustrators submissions, click here .

LAUNCH June 18,2011

Thought my painting A SHINIER TOMORROW would be a perfect fit for “Launch”

BOTTLED Apr. 8 2011

SPOOKY Oct. 19, 2010:

ACROBAT Sept. 17, 2010:

Here is a somewhat Frazetta inspired sketch for Caged (click to view larger):

The notes in orbit around the bass player’s head from a sketch I just did today fits right into this weeks Illustration Friday!  06-30-10 Satellite:

05-25-10 EARLY:

05-14-10 EQUIPMENT:

05-06-10 COCOON:

Something different from me. This is an illustration I did for  a t-shirt for my 4 year old daughter to wear at the hospital for the birth of our 2nd daughter.

04-15-10 LINKED:

04-08-10 DIP:

Didn’t have a lot of time for this week’s IF so not more than a sketch this week!

03-30-10 RESCUE:

03-19-10 EXPIRED (Click to enlarge):

03-12-10 SUBTERRANEAN (Click to enlarge)


Flying Tiki has a great perspective of his village!

01-29-10: FOCUSED

01-25-10: CLUMSY

01-15-10: WILDERNESS

01-12-10: CONFINED

01-08-10: RENEWAL

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