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Meet Frank And Sadie Doyle

Starting a new painting on the very funny podcast Beyond Belief from The Thrilling Adventure Hour! More soon! You can also follow along on my facebook page. Click here to visit!

Not happy with Frank’s face so I began to rework it. Looked for a good pic of Paul F. Tompkins online…Achieving a likeness is not my strong suit, but I think this is looking better.

Frankenstein Monster Cast

This is a Dry Stone cast prototype of my Frankenstein Monster sculpt. This is not the original sculpt, but is hand painted by myself and is the only one produced so far. I have since made adjustments to the original and hope to be producing more casts in the future. This measures just under 5 inches tall and 5 inches wide at the base. It weighs just under 2lbs. It’s available for purchase by following the shop link above



Mars Attacks

Been really into drawing the aliens from Mars Attacks lately. Here is the most recent, and only one, available.

The sketch is available for purchase. Contact me for info.

Florida SuperCon Skecth Cards!

Working on some sketch cards for The Florida SuperCon later this month. Included are The Shadow, Batman and Robin, Mars Attacks Alien, and The Tick.

I’ve got some of my remaining sketches and cards as well as prints listed over on Ebay. Click HERE to check em out!


Steampunk Orangutan

Here’s a new piece I’m working on for an all Simian show I’m curating for Harold Golen Gallery in Miami. More info on that show soon!

The Crimson Mask

While browsing Pulp Art on Google, I came across mention of a relatively obscure character, The Crimson Mask. There seems to be very little art of this character as I guess he never got much cover spots. Being more and more into the idea of creating pulp styled art, I did a small painting of him. If anyone has any scans of covers he may have appeared in I’d love to see them!

6×6 inches
Acrylic on Canvas


Beyond Belief Art- Frank And Sadie Doyle



I’ve had tons of fun doing some fan art for the great Thrilling Adventure Hour podcast. First a Sparks Nevada painting, then a Captain Laserbeam illustration and I hope to soon begin working on a painting of Frank & Sadie Doyle of Beyond Belief.

Here’s a sketch of my idea for the Beyond Belief painting. I hope to start this one after I complete work for a few of my upcoming shows! Stay tuned!