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TIKILANDIA iPhone / iPod App!


My iPhone/iPod Touch App is now available through iTunes. TIKILANDIA is a 45 page book of my sketches and finished pieces. Also included in the app is ASK THE TIKI GOD! With a simple shake of your device or a tap on the skull, the Tiki God will answer all your Yes or No questions! Here are some screenshots! (click pic to view larger)


Fez’d Groucho

Just finished preparing this print for pickup and thought I’d show it here. It’s HUGE! I’ll be doing just a small run of these.

Need a break from “Professor’s Got A Crush” So I’ve started this Groucho painting. It’s from a production shot of the Marx Brother’s A NIGHT IN CASABLANCA. Acrylic on 8×12 canvas paper. BUY THE ORIGINAL HERE!

Professor’s Got A Crush

Professor’s Got A Crush is the title of this, my next painting. I hope to achieve a pulp sci-fi magazine feel on this this one. Stay Tuned!

CLICK HERE to purchase the original!


Started this up tonight…based on an old sketch of mine. Acrylic on canvas 6×6 inches.

Mr. Brown

Got hit with the idea to paint Charlie Brown as an adult….

The original painting has sold.

Howard The Duck

Here’s a sketch of Howard The Duck. I’m about to start a small acrylic painting of Howard as a gift for our daughters Doctor.

Crowded House Pics

Here are some pics I took from Crowded House’s performace at the Fillmore Theatre of South Beach. Click each pic to view larger!